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One pile after another: building a bullshit Wonderland

In the middle of my last post I promised a list of some of the bullshit I’ve come across in Durham-in-Wonderland (DIW). It’s only, what? three weeks later? not quite a month? Anyway, here it is, a collection that lends credence to Harry G. Frankfurt’s comment that the “normal habit of attending to the way […]

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Alan Kors and the unbearable sadness of educating

It’s a culture-war commonplace that the Left has dumbed-down higher education with its namby-pamby political correctness, hostility to the Western canon, race- and gender-obsessed pseudo-scholarship, etc. What I’m finding, though, is that nothing dumbs down a professor like the culture war. Exhibit A is KC Johnson’s Durham-in-Wonderland (DIW), where a facade of PhD-quality analysis masks […]

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Gossip and banter from all over

The criticism KC Johnson posts to Durham-in-Wonderland (DIW) can be a lot like gossip—a sanctimonious account of foolishness, outrage, and scandal. I guess it’s appropriate for it to circulate like gossip, too. Lately the hatchet job he did on the Social Text paper by Duke professors Robyn Wiegman, Wahneema Lubiano, and Michael Hardt (“In the […]

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The latest adventures in Wonderland

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sticking my nose into web forums here and there, trying to generate some feedback for my recent posts about KC Johnson and his blog, Durham-in-Wonderland (DIW). No doubt I’ve been too pushy and opinionated about it—that’s always the temptation on the net. My bottom-line issue at the moment […]

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