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Run-of-the-mill stupidity

A few months ago I posted about the reactions when a Duke philosophy professor, interviewed in the campus paper, invoked a John Stuart Mill quote about stupidity and conservatives in order to explain the relative lack of conservative academics. More and more surfers have been finding that post with searches like this: js mill conservatives […]

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Duke’s perfect storm–too much bullshit, too few bullshit detectors

The discourse in and around the lacrosse case is full of misrepresentation, manipulation, disembling and distortion. Thanks to commenter RRH and philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt, I realize that a great deal of it can be described more accurately as bullshit. The word really captures the spirit of KC Johnson’s anti-academic crusade, but he’s not by any stretch the only offender. Prosecutor Mike Nifong and his minions generated loads of it, and the faculty at Duke contributed more than their fair share, too. What was needed was more bullshit detectors and fewer producers.

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A perfect mess

This is the third in a series of posts looking at the crusades mounted on both sides of the Duke lacrosse case. The first for an introduction and overview. This post continues directly from the previous one about the potbanging protest held at the lacrosse team captains’ house soon after the rape allegation became public. […]

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The trouble with potbanging

This is the second in a series of posts looking at the crusades mounted on both sides of the Duke lacrosse case, in the hope of shedding some light on the way they’ve overshadowed meaningful debate about the incident and its aftermath. You can click back to the first post for an introduction and overview. […]

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