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Some bad satire, some good sense

About a week ago, Google dug up an odd little bit of satire in an Onion knock-off called Carbolic Smoke Ball. [The text is gone now—all that’s left is a picture of a goofy quarter.] North Carolina’s Commemorative Quarter to Honor Duke Lacrosse False Rape Case DURHAM - North Carolina officials proudly unveiled the state’s […]

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Stupid conservative tricks

Back in 2004 the Duke Conservative Union (DCU) looked up the political party affiliation of 178 Duke faculty members in the humanities and then took out an ad in the Duke Chronicle announcing that the vast majority were registered Democrats. Only 8 were registered Republicans. A day later the paper ran a lengthy piece with […]

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KC Johnson and the extremist factory

After a very long break, I’m picking up where I left off in my analysis of the Duke lacrosse case, still concentrating on the role Durham-in-Wonderland (DIW) played in framing and setting the tone of the debate about academic culture at Duke. This time I’m turning from KC Johnson’s criticism of the Duke faculty who […]

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