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Hosting control issues, the company that’s hosted my domain for several years — probably as long as I’ve been writing this blog — seems to be disintegrating. It started getting flaky over the summer and I had a feeling it was time to switch hosts but foolishly didn’t act. Their servers went down early in the week. When they did, I noticed that hadn’t renewed my domain name registration like they were supposed to and it was about to expire. It’s not the world’s greatest domain name, but it’s mine, and I was afraid I was going to lose it.

In the middle of the week the servers came up long enough for me to back my stuff up. (Why didn’t I already have backups, you ask? Ummm….) They went back down within 24 hours and I suspect they’ll stay that way, although the company’s main page has been up through the whole thing, acting as if these people are really in business (needless to say, you should not under any circumstances do business with them). And I went to the registrar they were reselling for (eNom) and got my domain back. Naturally I wasn’t the only person on the sinking ship, and in fact I was pretty lucky — there’s a thread on WebHosting Talk with more details. Hopefully bluehost will be better.

What I learned is how vulnerable you are to the negligence or misconduct of the people who register your domain name. For me, if I lost this one, it wouldn’t be that big a deal. If I depended on it for a livelihood, it could be disastrous. I predict a lot of frustration and heartache in the near future, as people transfer more and more of their identity online. Heaven forbid that we kill the miracle of the free market with any effective regulation or oversight that would keep it from taking us for a ride.

When I checked my site this morning, after the registration expired, I got the surprisingly cheerful, pretty face of bladder control problems. I love the logic of the first few lines.

A near…?
A full…?
Of course, a bladderfull!

I guess that’s the logic of a search engine — people apparently don’t search for an “ear full” or a “full house” or a “full monty,” they search for the solution to a full but leaky bladder, or something like that.